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Woman Posts Sketches Of Her Teen Son Online, Louis Vuitton Hires Him As Intern

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton recently granted a teenager his dream internship after a few of his sketches went viral on social media. The 13-year-old boy, Milan, drew sketches of shoes, heels and clothes, all inspired by the brand, as per a report in RollingStone.
His mother, Louise Odessa, from Paris, took to X (formerly Twitter) and shared pictures of Milan’s drawings, in the hope of getting him a chance to work with the company. His drawings feature stylish pieces with the brand’s monogram. One of the drawings featured a high-top Louis Vuitton trainer. A tracksuit, high-heeled shoes, and a women’s clothing design were also included in the sketches.

The mother said that her teenager is “a little bit, a lot, passionate about your brand and leather”, and she had never seen him as “amazed” when he came to know about the history of Louis Vuitton. “I absolutely have to find a 3rd year internship for my 13-year-old son Milan…and not just any House… Hello @LouisVuitton My son is just a little bit, a lot, passionate about your brand and leather. He is also very good at Photoshop on a graphics tablet for his creations and plans to do a professional baccalaureate and bts in fashion professions,” she wrote in the post in November.

“I have never seen him as amazed as the day he introduced me to your exhibition in front of the Samaritaine, he knew a lot about the partnerships and the history of Louis Vuitton. Could you allow him a short one-week OBSERVATION course or tell me how to proceed, please? It’s his birthday on December 14th. Please please please,” Odessa stated.

The 13-year-old thanked everyone and said the experience was ‘magical’. Milan was commended by Gentric, who said, “You are the magic one.” This touching story demonstrates how social media may help people achieve their goals.

Louis Vuitton is known for working with renowned designers like Richard Prince, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama and Jeff Koons.

It’s inspiring to see a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton recognise and give opportunities to young artists.

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