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Study reveals 60% of both Delhi and Mumbai residents want to leave their city due to traffic & pollution

According to a recent survey, a striking 60% of the population in both Delhi and Mumbai is contemplating relocating due to the increasingly severe air pollution. The study was conducted by healthcare provider Pristyn Care among 4,000 individuals residing in the two cities and nearby areas,

The survey highlighted that nine out of 10 respondents reported experiencing prevalent symptoms linked to the deteriorating Air Quality Index (AQI), such as persistent coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, sore throat, and watery or itchy eyes.

The findings of the survey underscored the substantial impact of declining air quality on individuals’ well-being, particularly during the winter season. Approximately 40 percent of participants noted a worsening of pre-existing respiratory conditions like asthma or bronchitis among their acquaintances during this time.

Moreover, the report revealed that 4 in 10 residents in Delhi and Mumbai seek medical attention annually or at least every few years due to health issues attributed to air pollution.

In response to coping with air pollution, around 35% of respondents mentioned ceasing outdoor activities like exercising and running, while 30% started wearing masks when outdoors.

Regarding air purifiers, the survey noted that only 27% of individuals in Delhi and Mumbai acknowledged using them. Surprisingly, 43% still possess the misconception that air purifiers reduce immunity.

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