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Student Hits Physics Wallah Teacher With Slipper During Live Class

In an unusual incident, a physical scuffle occurred between an instructor associated with Physics Wallah and a student during a live session. The video, which is now going viral on social media, shows both of them involved in an ugly fight during a live class. The fight was recorded by someone who was attending the live stream and was massively circulated. It shows a teacher doing his regular job of teaching when a student suddenly attacks him.

The student can be observed assaulting the teacher vigorously, resorting to slapping him with a slipper in the course of the live session. This incident is not the initial instance of controversy surrounding the educational technology platform, PhysicsWallah, as the teacher involved in the video is presumed to be affiliated with the company. The precise cause of the altercation remains uncertain at present.


Meanwhile, earlier, Tarun Kumar, Manish Dubey and Sarvesh Dixit, famed Physics Wallah teachers, quit the platform over what they claimed to be differences in vision with Alakh Pandey’s company. In their videos, Kumar, Dubey and Dixit claimed that Physics Wallah teacher Pankaj Sijairya made unfounded allegations of taking bribes against them and that there have been strikes on their YouTube channel Sankalp. They claimed that their resignation was due to the atmosphere at Physics Wallah no longer being conducive for students.

In one Sankalp video, Kumar, Dubey and Dixit broke down into tears. There has been an outpouring of support for them on their YouTube channel. However, the general public who are not as familiar with the matter, have been left scratching their heads.

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