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Indians dedicate 31% of their day to smartphone use, 84% check phones within 15 min of waking up

The rise in smartphone usage in recent years has led to significant changes in human behavior, with a notable increase in smartphone dependency. According to a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) India, users often pick up their smartphones without a clear intent, indicating a lack of purpose in roughly 50% of interactions.

The report highlights that individuals spend approximately 31% of their waking hours on smartphones, with 84% checking their devices within 15 minutes of waking up. On average, users engage with their smartphones around 80 times per day. This surge in smartphone usage is attributed to factors such as affordability and the availability of cheap data, particularly in countries like India, where many users have bypassed traditional desktop internet access in favor of mobile devices.

As smartphone usage has increased, so has the number of apps available, with a 35-fold rise noted from 2010 to 2023. This proliferation has been accompanied by a fivefold increase in smartphone sales and a notable uptick in the time spent on smartphones, rising from 2 hours to 4.9 hours daily. Streaming content has emerged as a significant contributor to overall smartphone usage, occupying half of the total time spent.

Despite the diverse range of activities facilitated by smartphones, the report identifies a significant portion of interactions where users are unclear about their intent, accounting for 45-50% of instances. This lack of clarity extends to both the intended action and the specific app being used.

The report introduces the concept of ‘Surfaces,’ AI-powered engines that facilitate interactions between users and apps. While still in its early stages, Surfaces boast a substantial user base in India, with an average of 16 minutes spent per user. These surfaces involve four key stakeholders: app developers, OEMs & telcos, brands & advertisers, and content creators.

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