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Earth sending signals? Mysterious ‘circles’ surface at 250 locations in over 15 countries, baffling scientists

Mysterious circular patches of vegetation encircle barren areas in Namibia and Australia, known as ‘fairy circles’. These patterns have puzzled scientists for years, sparking curiosity about their origin and purpose. Recent research aims to shed light on how and where these formations occur.

Fairy circles, the circular patterns of vegetation, remain a mystery, appearing in barren lands of Namibia and Australia. A recent global assessment has identified 263 sites with these puzzling patterns, spanning three continents and 15 countries, including Sahel, Madagascar, and Middle-West Asia.

A team led by environmental scientist Emilio Guirado from the University of Alicante in Spain conducted a comprehensive global assessment of fairy circle-like vegetation patterns. They identified numerous locations resembling fairy circles on three continents.

Emilio stated that the new study offers valuable insights into the ecology and biogeography of these intriguing vegetation patterns. It also marks the creation of the first-ever global atlas documenting these unique formations.

Emilio and his colleagues discovered that areas with fairy rings exhibit more consistent vegetation productivity compared to the surrounding areas lacking these formations. Their findings can potentially assist in pinpointing region-specific factors contributing to the emergence of fairy circles.

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