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Delhi Tourist’s Lost iPhone Was Traded For Pav Bhaji; Read Interesting Story

A recent trip to Goa took an unexpected turn for a man from Delhi when his iPhone was stolen and then traded for a plate of Pav Bhaji at a local eatery. The iPhone costs between ₹ 60,000 and ₹ 1.5 lakh, while Pav Bhaji costs approximately ₹ 100 at a local eatery and ₹ 500 at a posh restaurant.

Sharing his experience on X, social media user @KartikeyaRai11 revealed that a fellow partygoer, who was also intoxicated, pickpocketed his phone. However, hunger pangs proved stronger than the allure of a high-end smartphone.

“A drunk dude pickpocketed my phone in Goa (I was equally drunk). The drunk dude then got very hungry and went to eat bhaji pao in a small shop, but he had no money to pay for it, so he took out the red iPhone and tried to trade that for the bhaji pao,” the man posted on X.

Adding another layer of surprise, the eatery owner, instead of refusing the unusual offer, accepted the iPhone, charged it, and even answered a call from the rightful owner. Nearly 36 hours after the phone went missing, the owner was able to track down the eatery, located a surprising 60 kilometers away, and retrieve his phone.

Reacting to the post, a social media user humorously replied, “Oh, the pav bhaji must’ve been that good.”

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