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Are Lawyers at risk? In a World’s Historic First, AI Robot is set to reportedly defend a human in court

For the first time in history, an AI bot will reportedly defend human in court through a simple smartphone app called as DoNotPay, users can sign up to this app for a mere subscription of 36 dollars.

An artificial intelligence bot through an app called DoNotPay will make history in February as the will advise the defendant for the first time in a court hearing in real time through an earpiece telling the defendant what to say and argue in the court.

The makers of the robot lawyer are not disclosing the court’s location or the defendant’s name. DoNotPay is an artificial intelligence bot that is designed to help people contest parking tickets and other minor legal issues.

DoNotPay was initially developed to help people contest parking tickets in London. Since its launch in 2015, the AI bot has expanded to cover a variety of legal issues and has successfully helped people contest over 16 million tickets in cities around the world. Initially developed as chatbot the company pivoted to AI in 2020, the popularity soared in pandemic and the company quickly expanded to all of UK and the US too.

The services of the app is available for a cheap 36$ bypassing the hefty legal fees which lawyers usually charge.To use the DoNotPay service, you can input basic information about a specific issue you want to address. This information will be processed using artificial intelligence, which will generate a legal document tailored to your needs.

The app is also getting takers from the professional legal community, Lawyer Sally Hobson recently utilized artificial intelligence in a complex murder trial while working at a London-based law firm. The case required the analysis of over 10,000 documents, and the AI was able to complete the task four weeks faster than a human team, resulting in a cost savings of approximately £50,000.

The software used in the trial was created by Eleanor Weaver, CEO of Luminance, a company that offers its software to more than 300 law firms in 55 countries and is available in 80 languages.

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