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8th class female student beaten black & blue by teacher, goes into state of shock

Jammu, Oct 15: Not with standing the tall claims of government that education sector in Jammu and Kashmir has been modernised and upgraded to impart education in schools in a pleasant atmosphere especially in far flung areas yet a glaring example of corporal punishment has come to fore in Government Middle School Hashkoti in Doda district.

The family members of victim girl revealed that the teacher in school namely Kashif Khurwani of Doda city has beaten several students mercilessly and the intensity of beating can be gauged from the inflammation and scratches, wounds that have been caused on hands and other parts of the body of students.

The father of victim girl has passed away some time ago and she was already a heart patient in pain and grief yet teacher’s merciless beating at school pushed her into state of mental shock, Uncle of the victim revealed on cell phone.

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It is pertinent to mention here that punishment corporal or non corporal is not allowed in schools to beat the students but the height of the things is that Chief Education officer of the district has nothing to say on the issue of such an intensity. The head master of the school though has tried to pacify with the family of victim to hush up the issue by tendering apology verbally but the family is strict on the demand to terminate such a teacher from the services and nothing lesser than it, he further added.

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