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80% of people who died due to heart attacks in the past 6 months were aged between 11-25 years

A total of 1,052 persons have died of heart attack in Gujarat in the last six months, with 80 per cent of the victims being in the 11-25 age group. The Gujarat state education minister, Kuber Dindor, revealed that there has been a distressing surge in heart attack-related fatalities in the region.

The minister shared this information during a press conference in Gandhinagar, expressing alarm at the high number of heart attacks among young individuals who were not obese. He highlighted instances where individuals within this age range suffered heart attacks while engaging in activities like cricket or traditional dance, emphasizing the need for immediate intervention and assistance during such medical emergencies.

To address this critical issue and equip individuals with life-saving skills, the state Education Department plans to conduct comprehensive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for approximately two lakh school and college teachers. CPR is a vital intervention during cardiac emergencies.

The initiative involves organizing CPR training camps across 37 medical colleges between December 3 and 17, aiming to educate teachers on CPR techniques. These training sessions will be facilitated by 2,500 medical experts and doctors, offering certification upon completion.

Highlighting the urgency of the matter, Dindor urged teachers to participate in these training camps, aiming to empower them with the skills necessary to respond effectively and potentially save lives. The initiative builds upon similar training programs previously conducted for Bharatiya Janata Party workers and police personnel in the state.

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