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7 SMC Corporators from Congress merge with DPAP in Srinagar

Srinagar: In a significant development, seven corporators of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation from the Congress in Srinagar have merged with the Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP), led by Shafat Gaffar. This merger took place in the presence of DPAP Chairman Ghulam Nabi Azad on Monday. The councillors expressed their commitment to uphold the party’s agenda and highlighted that DPAP is the political entity capable of steering the population out of the current state of chaos. Councillor Shafat Gaffar emphasized, “We have resolved to repose our faith and trust in Ghulam Nabi Azad who, during his tenure as a chief minister in the past, demonstrated his capacity to serve the people with integrity and honesty.” The councillors believe that Azad’s dynamic leadership is precisely what Jammu and Kashmir requires at this juncture. They are dedicated to expanding the party’s membership and underscored DPAP’s vision and agenda as vehicles for better service to the people.

During the occasion, DPAP’s chairman affirmed his commitment to never letting down his constituents and ensuring the equitable and inclusive development of the Union Territory. Notable figures present included G.M. Saroori, Vice Chairman; R.S. Chib, General Secretary; Ch Haroon Khatana, General Secretary; Salman Nizami, Chief Spokesperson; as well as Shafiq Shabnam, Khalid Tufail, Bilal Peer, Amir Bhat, Farooq Ah Dar, Gh Rasool Hajam, Nazia Ji, Gulshan Bilal, Ab Majeed Tantry, and others. Their collective presence underscored the unity and dedication within the DPAP ranks, further reinforcing their resolve to realize their vision for the betterment of the region and its people.

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