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11 sanitation workers pool ₹250 to buy lottery ticket, win ₹10 crores in Kerala: Huge jackpot shocks internet

11 women employed as municipal workers in Kerala recently won a lottery worth Rs 10 crore, a News18 report said. The women pooled in the money to purchase a lottery ticket worth Rs 250, a few weeks ago.


They won the jackpot in the state government’s 2023 Monsoon Bumper lottery and some of the workers did not have even Rs 25 with them when they won the lottery. This was the fourth time that the group bought a lottery ticket and they had earlier won Rs 1000 in a lottery during the Onam festival in the state.


The women, who work at a plastic waste segregation unit in Kerala’s Malappuram district, were busy with their daily routine of segregating plastic waste when the news was broken to them.


The women have a tough time making ends meet and the humble salary they draw as members of the Haritha Karma Sena is the only income of their families.


“We all come from very poor families with lots of debt and liabilities. I myself have a debt of ₹3 lakh which I hope to clear with the amount I get from the lottery. So, it has reached us at the right time.


“I am still in shock. It’s unbelievable. We had to check with multiple people to make sure that we won and still, we couldn’t believe it,” one of the winners-identified as Radha- said.


Apart from the Rs 10 crore jackpot, some of the other offers given by the lottery included prizes ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. The lottery prize was submitted in the Punjab National Bank in the area and the prize money will be deposited in one of the winner’s accounts after tax deductions.

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